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    paco corrientes

    User experience & Interaction Designer |
    UI | visual design | information architecture |
    visual artist | photography |
    Purveyor of ideas and artifacts | Pixels artisan |
    Andalusian currently based in Paris, previously in London, Singapore and Spain |

    On a good day, I try to make apps, products and context-aware experiences more awesome and useful. On a bad day, I just make it suck less.

    weapons of choice

    Adobe CS Suite
    Axure, Balsamiq
    Pencil & paper, Drawing, Sketching
    Right, Left, or both sides of the brain
    Lateral thinking
    A wide collection or previous mistakes
    Evernote, Prezi, Layervault
    Html, CSS, Jquery, Bootstrap, Foundation, Wordpress
    More Coffee
    And a hidden set of unconventional tools.


    Guitar, Photography, Illustration
    Digital audio, Logic pro, Final Cut.
    Learning the arcanes of creative coding, webgl, three.js, canvas, svg, Processing, Openframeworks...


    Hand crafted, 100% recycled pixels and bytes.
    Was done on a Mac Book Pro.
    Espresso for coding.
    Anvil for running.
    Chrome developer tools for... all that stuff.
    Googlefonts for the fonts.
    Font Awesome for the icons set.
    Codrops and specially thanks to Mary Lou for inspiring this experimental concept.
    Well, to Jquery, Modernizr, and to Meny.js for making this thing works.
    Filezilla for FTP.
    To my friends and colleagues for their total lack of comprehension and support ;), on the risky approach to implement this humble responsive touch-friendly showcase.

    Personal artworks, images, licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. Scripts under MIT license.

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  • playground

    I'm right now messing around and flirting with the arcanes of creative coding, webgl, three.js, canvas, svg, haml, Processing, Openframeworks...
    Also with digital audio, Logic pro X. Come around in a few days, or maybe weeks.
    In the meantime have a look to some of my works on Flickr and Behance.

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  • Paco Corrientes 2014. 100% recycled organic pixels

    get in touch

    Thanks for hanging around, stay for a bit, I hope you enjoy.
    There's plenty of ways to get in touch with me.
    You can message me on Twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn or write me a letter, yes..by hand.
    If you have something to share with me, I'm always up for a good conversation, feel free to shoot me an email over here and let's talk.

    Interaction design | UI design | Ux

    Hewlett Packard. Global design Studio, Singapore.
    OfficeJet Printers.
    Ecosystem of apps for web-conected printers. Concepts. UI redesign. Interaction design patterns. R&D.

    User experience | Product design |

    Client: Business.me. Singapore, 2012.
    Singapore based startup. Currently on induced coma.
    Video content discovery web app. (responsive), matching personalised video content to linkedin professional profile, via linkedin api. Encouraging video content curation. Promising concept.

    Prototyping | Responsive design

    Client: Livenation Entertainment. London 2012-1013.
    Global leader on events promotion, distribution, ticket sales. Responsive design for the ticketing transactional engine on 6 countries... maybe more.
    Tools: Adobe CS , Axure, Bootstrap, Jquery, Sense of humor to deal with more than a dozen of stakeholders and product managers simultaneuously.
    Livenation.fr, Ticketmaster.co.uk, Ticketweb, Ticnet.se,

    See it live

    See it live

    Artifacts | Ixd Assets | Communication devices

    Experience maps, Customer/user journeys-timelines, Interaction design assets, Stencils, UI libraries, Experience landscapes, Mindmaps,
    Onboarding experience maps and funnels, Wireframes, Sitemaps, User Flow diagrams, Prezi, Storyboards, Sketches, Mockups, Drawings....


    More on Flickr and Behance.

    See more on Behance